We are a family business and BUGG-R-OFF was originally the brainchild of my Dad… He came up with a unique device in North Queensland a long time ago to keep the flies out of his beer as he sat on the porch having his after work drink. It’s one of those ideas where everyone says - “What a great idea, why didn’t I think of it” - Well he did, so you don’t have to…
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BUGG-R-OFF you see today is a far cry from it’s humble beginnings many years ago as some shade cloth & a piece of wire. We have gone to great lengths to make these to the highest standard. The material is food grade non toxic silicone, dishwasher safe & due to the design it could pretty much last a lifetime. So now it still does exactly the same thing, it just looks much nicer!

Dad was ahead of his time inventing & designing many things only to be steamrolled several times by big business due to being under capitalised. Before he died we promised that we would get
BUGG-R-OFF up and running and so here it is!

Support the Aussie Battler spirit & get your BUGG-R-OFF today!
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Proudly an Aussie owned and operated family business. Contact: Frank Manuel
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